December 10, 2012

Hello? Anybody Home?

Yep! We're back! With exciting news, house updates, and more!

Yes, it's been a long, long time since I've posted anything on this blog. So, to my loyal readers (if there are any left), thank you for your patience!

While a break in blogging became a sudden necessity at the end of June due to an unusually busy summer/fall and several life-changing events that occurred, I am hoping to be back in the swing of things just in time for...


Yes, this is it. The official announcement of announcements. A little late in the game, perhaps, but better than nothing at all. I found out I was pregnant on June 19th and had a 7 week ultrasound to confirm it on July 3rd. We shared with family shortly after that.

If I felt like giving a full history now, I could go into the fertility treatments, miscarriage, and surprises that led up to this pregnancy. But I think I'll save that for another time if it deems appropriate.

For now, I'll say that we are so excited and blessed to have a healthy, growing baby boy who is due on February 23rd, 2013.

Speaking of baby boy, here he is at 20 weeks - with a cute, button nose, feisty personality (according to the ultrasound technician), and all the right *ahem* parts...

Immediately following the ultrasound that determined it was a boy, Joey and I immediately went to Target and bought some boy gifts. I purchased a few newborn outfits, and Joey got the baby his first superhero movie (that he won't be watching for a while).

Amidst the chaos of pregnancy, we are nursery-planning, bathroom-remodeling, and living up the holiday season. I've already had a baby shower. I've been on 2 trips to visit family in Maine (one for my grandmother's funeral) in the last few months. I just don't know when we've ever been busier.

BUT I will try to keep you updated with our ongoing changes in life and home as best possible.

Look forward to a few posts coming up on random topics like holiday decorating, nursery planning, and baby bumps. In no particular order...

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