July 22, 2011

Is Black the New White?

Let me talk to you today about a little trend change that I've noticed recently while looking at the bazillion pictures floating around blogland and pinterest.

Check out the 2 pictures below...



Do you see what change I'm talking about? Not the cabinets nor the flooring nor the countertops.

I'm talking about the windows! More specifically, the window frames and grids. They are black in the second picture instead of the traditional white like the first picture shows.

There is just something about these black window frames that really strikes me as beautiful. I feel like the window is more noticeable and better defined. It's saying, "I AM A WINDOW! LOOK AT OUT ME!"

And while I've probably been seeing this trend for a few months, it was just today that it really struck me as the "new" thing. And I totally LOVE it!

What really made this stand out to me today was a house that Erin, from House of Turquoise, showcased on her blog today. I thought the house was beautiful and then realized that one element that every room had was black-framed windows. Here are a few pictures for her post...

I love the windows in this house! And the house has all white trim throughout. It's only the windows that have black trim. Here are a few other examples I had already collected on my pinterest boards over the past few months...

So, what do you think? Did you pick up on this trend today months ago? Do you like the solid statement the black window frames make in a room? Or do you like the more traditional look of white window frames? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Pin It

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