January 30, 2013

Full Bath Remodel: Where do we start?

So, you're in the loop that we're having a baby. Due in about 3 and 1/2 weeks. So, besides preparing for parenthood and putting a nursery together, what better time is there than now to do a full bathroom model? Are we nuts? Probably. But we're knocking this baby bathroom out of the park before the baby arrives! Doing a bathroom remodel WITH a newborn in the house sounds like a nightmare to me.

A little history... This bathroom remodel has been in the works since we bought the house in May 2010. The very first (!) can of paint I bought was for this bathroom. It has been sitting in our basement for 2+ years waiting for us to put it to use. The bathroom had horrible floral wallpaper on both the walls AND the ceiling that we ripped off prior to moving in! And then it sat untouched. Looking something like this since 2010...

The ceiling underneath the wallpaper was a pepto bismol pink. We did give it 1 coat of white paint while painting other ceilings in the house. That way I wouldn't vomit every time I entered the bathroom. But the plaster ceiling was in horrible shape (probably why the previous owner covered it with wallpaper) and the unfinished drywall wasn't much better. All in all, here's what I don't like about the bathroom...

So, that covers just about everything. Except it doesn't show the awful light fixtures on each side, but I found another picture of them here...

The two balls of lights hung from ceiling hooks on either side of the mirrors that were above each vanity. That means 2 sets of this light fixture in 1 bathroom. We took 1 hook out to help with removing the wallpaper from the ceiling. So, both lights hung unevenly from the remaining hook all these years. Horrible. The above picture also shows the plain old mirrors that hang above the vanities - no framework or beveled edge or anything to make them look nice. Sigh. This bathroom needs work.

So, that's where we started just a couple weeks ago. But I start my planning of this bathroom years ago. And I won't deny that Pinterest (where else?) has been my secret to storing up all the ideas I have for this bathroom. If you look at my Bathroom Board, you'll probably start to notice some trends among the many bathrooms I pinned. Here are a few:

1. Wood Planked Walls

2. Tile - subway tile on walls and mosaic tile on floors

3. A lot of White - white cabinets, white trim, white tile ... To me, White = Clean. I like a lot of white in kitchens and bathrooms. It's my groove. You can see this trend in the pictures already posted above.

4. Beadboard - on the ceiling for sure, maybe on the walls. Here is my ceiling inspiration...

5. Storage & Organization

So, with all that in mind - Which inspiration items do we decide tackle? Which inspiration items do we ignore? Which inspiration items are just budget-busting? What did we change at the last minute? All the details and in-progress pictures coming soon...

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  1. Many people seem to think that Renovating a Bathroomis going to be easy. Nothing is as easy as it first might seem. There are many things to consider and just winging it is not going to cut it. You'll have to make sure that the fixture you choose fit, that the plumbing is done right, and you need to come up with a good layout for the bathroom. This is not something that you can do on the fly. Take the time to actually plan out your bathroom remodel for the best results.


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