January 27, 2015

My Emma


As is typical for the 2nd born child, Emma has not had as many high quality (aka non-phone) photos taken of her as Jeremiah did as a newborn. So, it’s my goal to up my game quickly. Today, she was laying in her crib after a nap, and I thought it was the perfect time to snap a few photos.  

I did several "crib" sessions with Jeremiah as he grew and I enjoy looking back at them. You can really see how much they grow based on how much crib space they take up.

I love looking at all her little features. She has an identical profile to Jeremiah, but the shape and color of her eyes are different.

I’m not a professional photographer, and I didn’t worry about having perfect lighting or photo props or editing for these. They just capture the moment exactly as it was in the nursery that morning.

 She’s my girl. My Emma.

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