May 20, 2015

Bathroom Remodel - Part 3: The Final Results

This is my third and final post on our bathroom remodel! If you missed my first post with the before photos, click here. If you missed my second post with the remodel process, click here.

Just for the record, we did keep to our $1500 budget!

As a reminder, here is where we started...

... and now I welcome you to our brand new bathroom!!!

Plank Walls

To say I'm in love is an understatement. As I mentioned in my first post, this was actually completed 2 years ago, and I can say today that I walk in every morning and still love it. Maybe living in an ugly, unfinished bathroom for 3 years has that effect!

Every finish we chose was just perfect for us and this house. And knowing that we didn't break the bank on this project makes it even more satisfying.

That $50 floor I went out-on-a-limb to buy? Perfection. Not every bathroom could handle this bold pattern - It just works in here.

The new bead board ceiling is fab. Such an easy way to cover up the old plaster. The ceilings feel higher and the room feels larger with it running horizontally. We plan to continue the same bead board ceiling in the hallway outside the bathroom (a future DIY project).

Even though I wasn't a big fan of the style of the old vanities, we saved so much money reusing them and painting them white. A bonus is that we knew they would fit perfectly in this space as we liked the layout and didn't want to have to worry about measuring new vanities to fit.

I purchased the hardware at Menard's. It was fairly inexpensive. I opted for hardware with a little more feminine detail than I would normally lean towards. This helps balance the very straight lines on the vanities, which lack any detail. So, the knobs and handles dress them up a bit.

The mirrors were a Target purchase. We hung one mirror vertically with a double light above it. We hung the other mirror horizontally with a triple light above it. This makes each mirror look proportional to the size of the vanity it hangs above as the vanity with the sink is wider. The lights were purchased Lowe's. Again, I opted for a lights with some curves and details, like the cabinet hardware.

Mirrors and Light fixtures

Below is the toilet we bought when we first moved into the house. Bye, bye wall heater that was sitting next to the toilet. An outlet takes its place with a night light (remember I was pregnant at this time and needed late night potty breaks). Extra hand towels and rolls of T.P. are in the basket on top of the toilet tank.

I used the shelf above the toilet to add some decorative elements to the bathroom along with q-tips and cotton balls that anyone could easily access if needed. 

The print is of the Camden Lighthouse in Maine and I purchased it while visiting Camden. The sea urchins, sand dollars, and star fish were also all purchased for just a few dollars in Camden. 

Maine holds a special place in both Joey's and my hearts, and I love having a piece of it represented here. 

Below you can see the simple square trim that Joey created around the window and door. If we build a house someday, this is the type of trim it will have (I love Craftsman style!).

He did the same thing around this built-in cabinet. I've mentioned it before, but this house is just loaded with built-in storage. One of the big selling points for me! 

We put a hook, on the wall next to the door for hanging towels. I love the look of this 3 prong hook (from Target, I believe). We later added a hook rail to the back of the bathroom door as well (sorry, not pictured, but you can see it here). So, there are plenty of places to hang a bath towel.

A hook by the shower is another MUST for me. I want to easily grab my towel before I step out of the shower!!! If you couldn't already tell, I'm hooked on hooks!

The shower curtain and matching towels were purchased from Target several years prior to this. The whole bathroom scheme was based around their colors!

I did get new shower curtain hooks, a towel bar, and a toilet paper holder from Target as well. All inexpensive, but take the look of the bathroom up a notch.

Below you can see the new outlets. Yay for electricity! Well, the outlet on the left wall was already there, but Joey updated it. The outlets in the window-wall and vanity are new (and were my idea). I need more places to plug in a blow dryer, curling iron etc! Plus, if Joey uses an electric shaver, it makes sense to have an outlet by the sink. Extra outlets are big selling points too!

One more look of the before and after!

I realize this bathroom "look" isn't for everyone. We all have different tastes and styles, but hopefully, you can see that doing a "new" bathroom on a small-ish budget IS possible with some DIY work, smart thinking, and focusing on what will get you the best bang for your buck!

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  1. Katie, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your whole blog, yes, every single post, and looking a all your pictures. You and Joey have done an AMAZING job bringing your home into the 21st century. You have a wonderful welcoming design sense and Joey is obviously a talented and skilled craftsman. It has been a pleasure!
    Karen McGowan

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! I'm glad you enjoyed everything.

  2. Thanks for always being the source that explains things instead of just putting an unjustified answer out there. I loved this post.
    Bathroom Remodel

  3. A great example of how with a bit of hardwork you really can revitalize your home. I love the semi-rustic look that you went for and, yes, extra outlets are always a plus! Fantastic work and looking forward to seeing some more similar transformations from you.

    PS: love the black and white tiling.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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