October 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Fall…

Now that we in October (where did September go?), I finally got started on my fall decorating. It’s only a small start, but you gotta begin somewhere, right? I did a little bit in the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

We’ll start with the Dining Room. I decorated the shelf using a few new dishes I’ve purchased over the past weeks/months. I know, I know … new dishes? Me? Right… Winking smile

I already owned the yellow and aqua blue dishes. I had them out through most of spring and summer, but the little paisley plates that were added? I found them at Marshalls. They came in a set of 4 for about $5. Seriously? Great deal in my book. I actually got 2 sets (8 plates) but my mom is giving me one of the sets for Christmas. I love paisley! But you already knew that. And this pattern adds cream, burnt orange, green, and browns to the mix (perfect fall colors) in addition to already having a little aqua and yellow in it to match the larger plates I already owned. I’m telling you, these plates were calling my name. Holla!

In front of my paisley plates, I placed polished nickel votive candle holders. They add a little bling. I also added a white plate above the white pitcher. It has little brown, distressed flowers traced along the outside. I got the plate on clearance at Pottery Barn. Oh, and those are dried pussy willows inside the pitcher. They’re from Hobby Lobby. It’s all very simple, but still a start!

Moving along to the kitchen… I added just a few items to the DIY built-in shelves we put above the microwave. There isn’t a lot of height in the shelves, but more room for layering items, which I still intend to do.

The top shelf has a glass pumpkin filled with a pinecone filler I got on sale from Target. This vase filler will be great for Christmas and winter too. I’ve had the glass pumpkin for a few years and don’t remember where I got it (maybe my mom? she gets me lots of stuff).

My favorite new item is this creamy white bowl I purchased a few weeks ago for $20 at …. Marshalls! Of course. My mom got one too. They were the last 2 in the store. It may be hard to tell in the photo (sorry the lighting was bad), but it has leaves, berries, twigs, and acorns on it. It’s perfect for fall and winter. The bowl is a pretty big size too, which will work well as a serving dish for salads or what-have-you. I love dishes. Sorry, I’m redundant.

The living room / den area are also very-much a work in progress. I used items I already had on hand for in these 2 adjoining rooms. This hurricane was filled with a fall-style vase filler and some colorful (but fake) maple leaves. It smells great.

The top shelf of our bookcase has a pretty, medium-sized glass hurricane,which has more vase-filler in the bottom portion and a brown basket-weave candle (which I will never burn) on top. The little orange bowl is from Crate & Barrel. The white plate has a distressed brown wheat-pattern going around the rim. I bought it a Pottery Barn with the flower plate mentioned above.

On the coffee table is a leaf-shaped dish (from my MIL) with 2 fall circular shaped candles and a little bundle of cinnamon sticks. It’s all stacked on my Pottery Barn fall magazines. (I store my magazines by season. Anyone else do that?)

The only thing I really added to the den is the bronze vase with orange-berry twigs and faux pumpkin stems.

We don’t go in the room very often, but you can see it from the living room. I like the orange berries. They added a festive touch.

So, that’s my start to fall. I fill you in as I add more and more. It tends to be a progressive thing rather than a get-it-all-done-at-once thing.

So, tell me, what have you done for fall decorating so far? Probably more imaginative décor ideas than mine so far. You should give me your ideas!

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