September 28, 2011

The Patio: Finished

Here are just the few remaining pictures of the finished patio I’ve been telling you about over the last week.

The concrete is dry. The drain in front of the garage door appears to work (which is great since we’ve had lots of rain this week). The grill is in place (and chained down). And we love the curves along the edge of the patio by the grass (well, mostly dirt, but soon-to-be-grass).

So, what’s next? Oh, so much!  Here are just a few items to tackle…

And the good news is that we’ve actually gotten started on 3 of the items already! 

  1. The pile of junk has been relocated to either behind the garage or the other side of the porch (for now).
  2. The whole grassy area beside the patio and porch has been dug up, re-graded, and re-seeded to match the level of the patio.
  3. Joey is in the process of building new cedar steps over the concrete ones.

Deets and pics to come!

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