December 23, 2011

It's Christmas Time: The Dining Room

Yesterday I showed you some of the living room decor. So, today I figured I'd show the dining room decor too. It's my usual blue, white, and silver winter theme. I never tire of it. And since winter lasts a while, the decorations can stay up too.

The table is set with my Noritake china. You know, the kind of china you use a couple times a year and then put away for a while. And the snowflake tablecloth is still my fave. Wish I could find another just like it (but in a bigger size).

The simple centerpiece is a trifle bowl with faux snow, pine cones, and ornaments. There are some mercury glass votive candles set around it.

And the chandelier above the table has the same silver ornaments hanging from it.

The left wall has an assortment of my blue Wedgwood china and more ornaments (I love ornaments in case you didn't know). The white platter at the top has a silver "Merry Christmas" ornament hanging from it. Underneath the 2 side shelves, I hung some icicle ornaments and a glittery candle ring from a nail.

The center shelf has a bottle brush tree sitting on top. I LOVE bottle brush trees, yet I can't seem find them anywhere. I got this one from my mom, and she had it for quite a while. Anyone know where to buy pretty ones? When I find them eventually, I'm stocking up!

The right wall has a shelf full of snowflake-themed items.

The snowflake platter is new from Target. I set it vertically to add height to the space. The white pitcher on the opposite side of the shelf keeps things balanced.

I hung a snowflake ornament from the center of my glittery wreath.

The center of the shelf has a variety of items sitting including a book with my favorite poem by Robert Frost (and beautiful illustrations).

And lastly, a few pretty ornaments hang from the pegs below the shelf. Of course, a couple ornaments have to fit in to my snowflake theme.

So, there you have my wintery dining room. Hopefully, by this time next year, we'll have new window treatments and a new area rug in this room. We'll see what 2012 holds for us! Pin It

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