December 15, 2011

The Tree

And 2 weeks after my last entry, I (finally) have some pictures of our decorated Christmas tree. So, I thought I'd share them with you. Nothing extra special or fancy. It's just an "us" tree.

I do tend to decorate the tree in layers. I use the same method every year. After Joey strings the lights around the tree, I string the gold beads around the tree. I don't try and get the beads even and perfect. I like them a little "sloppy". I find the beads help fill in the gaps between the branches. Sometime I'd like to string popcorn or cranberries and see how that looks. But for now, beads work.

After the beads, I add all my plain red and gold balls (both big and small ones) so that they are evenly dispersed in and around the tree. I also add my glittery gold snowflakes (for bling) at that time.

Next I add all the other ornaments just making sure things look balanced with no bare spots. I hang the light ornaments on the small branches and the heavy ornaments on the larger branches. I'm smart!

Last to go on is the tree skirt around the bottom. I love the colors and patchwork pattern of this skirt, but I would really like something that is more full and layered looking. So, I may have to look into something different next year.

Oh, I forgot... the star at the top is actually the last thing to go on the tree. I always love the pattern it casts on the ceiling. Sorry the pic is a tad blurry...

This year I purchased some new ornament hooks from Hobby Lobby. They are gold S-shaped hooks. They are pretty and sturdy and won't lose shape. You can probably see it best on the bell ornament in the picture below. I changed out about 50% of my hooks to these and love them. I need to change out the rest before putting the ornaments away after Christmas. They only cost about $2 for 50 hooks (based on my memory).

We're enjoying the glow of the tree every evening, and since we were a bit late in getting it up and decorated this year, I may leave it up until about the middle of January (which is much longer than normal) as long as it doesn't dry out and start dropping needles everywhere.

More pics to come of a few other decorations around the house. So, stay tuned. Pin It

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