March 28, 2012

Adoption Part I: A Light Fixture

Yes, I have some random topics related to adoption to share with you today and tomorrow. This blog is just all over the place, isn't it?

For today, I wanted to tell you about a light fixture I picked up at Goodwill a couple weeks ago. I don't know who owned it previously, but I've now adopted it as my own for the grand price of $4.99!

I can only imagine why it was discarded (pardon the blurry shot - I got a different camera and apparently don't know how to use it yet)...

The brass is out of date. The chain is long and gangly. It's probably an odd shape/size for many rooms. But to me, it is just crying out for a DIY face lift.

Remember what we did to revamp our old chandelier in the dining room (seen here)? We took our black and orange chandy and painted it white...

Whelp, I'm hoping to perform plastic surgery on this brass fixture and make it pretty enough to hang in our downstairs hallway. Here is the current light fixture we own (half-hanging because we almost took it down when we moved in but didn't have a replacement yet)...

There is just no helping this bad boy. It's going, going, gone. I've been wanting a lantern-style fixture to hang up in this space, but most of what I found was around $200+. For $4.99, this was worth a chance.

I like the bevelled panes of glass as it matches all the bevelled glass panes in the doors of our old house. I also like that it has space for 3 light bulbs. We need some major light action in this dark hallway.

Most of the chain will be removed as the light can't hang down very far. Otherwise the hubs would bump his head on it every time he walked down the stairs.

I'm going to try painting it in a polished chrome finish. Haven't really seen that done much. So, no clue if it will work out or not. Second choice will be white - like the dining room chandelier. I'm hoping to knock this out on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow = Adoption Part II. Stay tuned!

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