March 23, 2012

Pin It!

Sorry, I've been MIA all week. There are a lot of personal reasons for that, including the passing of one of my best high school friends last week, but hopefully I'll be back next week with some new updates around the house. In the meantime, here are a few my latest Pinterest additions.

Art and Photography: Paint Chip Art

Paint chips are becoming a hugely popular, free way to create your own art and decor for you house. The image below was crated for a little girl's bedroom using a heart punch, paint chips, and foam stickers to attach them to a canvas.

Bedroom Inspiration: Green is a Go!

If you ask me my favorite color(s), I'd say blue and yellow. BUT I'd have to say green is my favorite color to decorate with. It's a bit warmer than blue and a bit cooler than yellow. Right smack in between them on the color scale. I heart it.

Bathroom Inspiration: White Subway Tile

Joey and I are in the pre-planning stages of our full bathroom remodel. White subway tile is a definite, and I'm considering running it 1/2 way up the wall as shown below. I love the tile on the floor too.

DIY Ideas: Stenciled Artwork

I may try something to this extent soon. A few horizontal boards painted with a stencil. Could even add a framed picture in the middle or something else creative. Endless possibilities.

Entry, Hall, & Stairs: Striped Runner

Don't know why, but this is my favorite board on pinterest. I love stairs, I guess. And this striped runner is hott. I love the overall craftsman feel of the space.

Tips and Tricks: How to Decorate Shelves

Beth gave a great tutorial on her blog about how to decorate shelves using the triangle method. Very helpful!

Happy Pinning!

Side Brag Note: This week, one of the Pinterest pictures I posted on my blog back in July 2011 (seen here) made it's way to the world wide pin market and received about 1,300 repins...

...most ever for one of my blog pins. Whoop Whoop!

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