October 12, 2016

Jack Robbins

I haven't really publically announced this yet, but just over 6 months ago - March 31, 2016 - I had my 3rd baby. A boy.

Life has felt like a blur this year - raising 3 kids ages 3 and under. But we've made some many wonderful memories too.

In an effort to not let Jack get too big without capturing him with a camera, I snapped a few 6 month photos while he was in his crib. I did a similar thing with Emma when she was almost 3 months old.

For the record, here's is what Jack looked like as a newborn.

Of all my babies, I feel like his looks have changed the most from birth to now. He's also my biggest baby in height and weight (90%+).

 He's super happy. All the time. Unless he's hungry.

 He loves his feet.

 He sucks his thumb like his big brother does.

 He's expressive, frequently making us laugh.

 He's easy-going and enjoys watching the world spin around him.

 And he's had the craziest hair since birth. 2 haircuts are already in the books. 

 We love our bubby. 

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