September 7, 2010

Color Personality Quiz

I love taking quizzes! Especially personality-type quizzes. Anyone else with me on that? Maybe not... But I came across a website that offers not one, but two quizzes! 2-for-1 is always a bonus in my book!

And what are these quizzes all about, you ask? Well, the first quiz is a color personality quiz (I love color, of course). The quiz focuses on the interior of the home and explains what color combination's are best suited for your needs and personality.

The second quiz is an exterior personality quiz. It explains what exterior style of house best matches your likes and personality.

So, let's take a look together to see how accurately this website defines style-personality (for me).

Quiz #1: Color Personality
I found this quiz especially difficult because the questions they asked had multiple answers to them, yet I could only pick 1 answer. So, my guess is that I could potentially get a lot of different results by tweaking my answers slightly.

For example, here is question #3:

How am I supposed to answer THAT? I want my home to feel Happy. And Welcoming. And Tranquil. And.... These were the types of questions I hated on Tests in school - multiple correct answers but you have to pick the one that's MOST correct (ugh!). I never got those right. So, I went with my gut on this one and picked "welcoming" as the mood I MOST wanted. Several of the other questions were similar to this.

Only the first 2 questions asked about your actual color preferences...

...and honestly, I think the end results were based solely on these 2 questions and had nothing to do with any of the other answers.

So, after answering all the questions, the quiz concluded that my interior color personality is....

RAFFIA! (who comes up with these names?)

Raffia is a collection of neutrals and interesting greens that signify a timeless appreciation of diversity. A person drawn to this palette appreciates texture and the importance of tactility in all surfaces. They wish for a sophisticated environment that is also casual. They seek a balance with nature and time.

I guess "raffia" is supposed to look something like this...

Is that really me??? I do like neutral and green colors. But I'm not sure the picture really demonstrates my overall color style. So, I'll give this quiz like a 3.5 out of 10 for accuracy. Not so good.

Quiz #2: Exterior Personality
I enjoyed this quiz much more than the first quiz. I thought the questions were easier to answer and it did a better job pin-pointing my true design style.

An example of one of the questions is...
2. Pick the neighborhood that best describes where you live:

  • A suburban community where the homes in each development are similar in style, with a limited array of colors. Most colors are in keeping with the classic look, and the neighborhood has a cohesive appearance.
  • A community of homes that are somewhat unique in their color schemes. Often there is a variety of styles and they provide an opportunity to create your own palette. While there are no restrictions on colors, homeowners tend to reflect the influence of their neighbors and environment.
  • A neighborhood where homes tend to be on large parcels of land. Homes are designed and built to the homeowner's taste. Colors and styles are varied and limitless.
  • A neighborhood where homes are a mix of styles, sizes and ages. Neighbors are well acquainted and there is a strong sense of community. Colors are chosen that reflect the friendliness of long-time neighbors.
I picked the last option, which fit the description of my neighbor hood very well.

In the end, the quiz determined that my exterior design style is....

COTTAGE! (a normal name)

Cottage is a welcoming palette that truly makes a house a home (that seems to fit one of the answers I put in the first quiz!). These colors bring out the charm of your neighborhood gem. A casual architectural style is best suited for this palette. Bright trim and accent colors bring out the interesting features such as shutters, porch railings and window boxes. Coordinating the colors with the flowers and shrubs increases your home's curb appeal.

I thought this conclusion fit me (and my house) much better than the first quiz. I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

So, what do you think? Did either quiz define your color or exterior personality accurately? Or was it waaaay off? Please share! Pin It


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