September 1, 2010

DIY: Spend Little, Gain Much!

I found this article online that shares some great ways to add value to your home and set it apart from other homes in your area without killing the bank account. This is especially helpful if you're trying to sell your home and want some easy upgrades to make it more appealing to buyers.

And even though we're not looking to sell our house right now (obviously), I still found the article interesting because we are working to update our home to fit our lifestyle and we want to get the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to these updates! Plus, we want to be prepared for the future when/if we have to sell, and so appealing to the most people is the way to go.

Luckily, we've already started doing some of things mentioned in the article, and other items are on the "to do" list for the future.

The first few of the upgrades that the article mentioned are the ones that I liked best! Each costs less than $500 and should require less than a day’s work.

1. Replace Sinks & Faucets
Estimated Price: Sink $100-500 & Faucet $150
The kitchen is always the place to start when it comes to upgrades to the home. Even if you can't afford the big expenses like new cabinets or new countertops, upgrading the sink and faucet gives a fresh, new feeling on a low budget. Getting energy efficient faucet is especially appealing as it can reduce water usage by 30%.

Here's a nice white cast iron sink from Home Depot for $199...

And a brushed nickle pull-down faucet to go with it for $150...

2. Backsplashes
Estimated Price: $5-$14 per 1 square foot of space
Again, the kitchen is the place to invest, and one of the easiest way to make your kitchen "pop" and set it apart from other kitchens is with a new backsplash. Your kitchen can go from outdated to modern in a day, and there's a variety of options to choose from including...




There are even peel-and-stick options available for a super cheap and easy way to go.

3. Vanity Cabinets/Toilets
Estimated Price: Vanity/Sink $200-$400 and Toilet $250
Bathroom is the next best place to invest cash in the home. Even relatively minor updates to your bathroom can produce a return on investment of over 150%. Because toilets fit neatly over existing plumbing, they’re surprisingly easy to install. And just like kitchen faucets, look for modern water-saving toilets that will both save on your water bills and appeal to energy-conscious buyers when it’s time to sell.

Who wants an old green toilet, when they can have a sleek white one?

If you’re feeling creative, save hundreds of dollars on a new vanity by using an old dresser as the foundation. Simply cut out room on the top to hold a basin sink and to connect pipes.

Or you can go nice a simple with a new pedestal sink.

4. Paint
Estimated Price: $30 per paint can
You know this is one of our favorites. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to immediately transform any room in your house. Keep in mind that lighter shades generally make a room feel larger and neutral shades will appeal most to potential buyers. You’ll earn a 250% return on your investment in freshly painted interior walls. And don't forget about painting cabinets or trim or anything else that's outdated!

Go from this... this for just a few dollars and some sweat equity.

5. Crown Molding
Estimated Price: $5 per linear foot
Crown molding in your home compared with none in a similar home in your neighborhood could make a difference when it’s time to sell. You may not get the money back, but it’s a feature that most buyers appreciate when looking for a home. It was one of the first things that grabbed our attention in the home we bought and we get comments on it all the time from people...

So, what do you think? Do you agree with the article? Are these upgrades worth the small-ish investment? Or are you better off without?

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