September 9, 2010

Kitchen Countertops? Sink? Faucet?

Check! Check! And check!

As in, they're all ordered. Finally. Now it's just wait time for everything to arrive and be installed. And I can't wait!!! Hopefully, in 4 weeks, I will have a more permanent and functional kitchen. We shall see...

And what exactly did we order, you ask? Well, let me start to share the goods with you!

For this first post, I'll give you a small nugget of detail by revealing the faucet. All the metal finishes in the kitchen are going to be polished nickle/chrome. Hence, I wanted the faucet to match this as well. We wanted something simple and practical with a combination of traditional and modern elements (high expectations for a faucet, I know). We did a lot of searching (went to Menard's, Lowe's, and Home Depot all in one night). But ultimately, we found the best faucet for the cheapest price online. And it got great reviews by consumers which was something we were looking for as well.

The website we found was for a company called Mr.Direct - a small manufacturer in Ohio. Ever heard of it? Didn't think so. The faucet we found here meets a long list of our demands, which I've explained below...

(Sorry these pictures aren't that great. I had the worst time finding pics online.)

Note: We did not order the faucet plate (base-type-thing) shown below as the faucet will sit directly on our countertop.

Here is everything we (I) liked about it:
1. Finish is Chrome - it matches all our other metal finishes in the kitchen.
2. Gooseneck shape - practical for fitting large pots and pans under it. Plus it's a fairly traditional design.
3. Pull-down sprayer - while I was against this initially, Joey talked me into it. It is more functional to have the sprayer attached to the faucet because the sprayer can reach the whole sink area more easily. Bonus - it keeps us from cutting an extra hole in our countertop for a separate sprayer. It also gives the traditional faucet a slightly modern touch.
4. 1-handle lever - this was an absolute must for me. I didn't even look at faucets with 2 handles. For a kitchen, when my hands are covered in food and dirt and icky-ness, I want to be able to flip the lever down and around with 1 hand. Practical is my middle name. I like that the handle has some curve to it (instead of stick straight like many we saw). Again, a little more traditional.

This all-in-one faucet will allow us to just cut 1 hole in our countertop for the faucet base to sit on and leave the rest of the area around it nice and clean. Love it.

Total Cost: $112 + shipping

So, what do you think? Good choice?

Stay tuned for pics of the sink and counters! Pin It


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