October 9, 2010

Autumn Decor

My mom was visiting today from Michigan and brought some great fall decor items, and we spent a little time setting up the house for fall. There's nothing like the candle scents of "pumpkin pie" or "apple cider" to make a place feel like fall. And the browns/reds/oranges used in the decor make me think of the changing colors of the trees outside my windows.

Here are a few of the items we set up today - starting with the dining room.

We set up the dining room table with a taupe tablecloth with a subtle leaf pattern on it. In the center of the table is a silver candlestick with a brown basket-weave candle. Fall leaf vase filler is placed in the center with orange and white pumpkins and 2 votive candles. The table is fairly small. So, we wanted to keep it low profile and mostly small items.

Here is a view of the centerpiece from above. Don't the fall colors balance out nicely? It's very symmetrical without feeling too perfect. What I would call casual elegance.

This basket-weave candle is just beautiful. I will not be burning it. I'd love to use it year after year.

The white plates, napkins, and salt 'n' pepper shakers help balance out all the colors and really stand out on the colorful tablecloth. So, who's coming over dinner?

Next we set up a few decorative items in the living room.

On this side table, we place a fall placemat under the lamp for some pretty color. To left is a candle holder filled with vase filler on bottom and an orange pumpkin candle on top. There is also a small glass dish with fall colored peanut butter M&Ms (yummm) and a little pumpkin. To the right is a bronze vase which will have some fall flowers in it as soon as I go to the store. The browns/reds/oranges stand out so nicely against the green wall.

This is close-up of the hurricane candle holder. The bottom vase filler was bought at Pier 1 Imports and has great variety of colors and objects.

On the coffee table, we took a leaf plate and put in it 2 fall candles and a small bundle of sticks (taken from the vase filler used in the candle holder above).

On the opposite side of the table, a small hurricane that has acorns around the outside (my mom picked these from her yard and glued the little caps on them).

In the center of the hurricane is a green candle that matches the color of the green walls in the room. The acorns just look so festive and represent the nature-inspired earth tones of the room.

These were just a few examples of ways to set the stage for the fall and Thanksgiving season. There will be more to come.

What have you been doing to add the fall feel to your abode? Pin It

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