October 13, 2010

Cabinets Galore

Now that our countertops have finally been installed, Joey was able to install the rest of our kitchen cabinets! Here is a brief shot of the additional cabinets on each side of the kitchen.

Here is a picture of the kitchen before the extra cabinets were installed...

Here are the added cabinets. The right side includes 1 cabinet that goes from ceiling all the way down to the countertop, plus a regular sized wall cabinet, plus a smaller cabinet over the fridge.

The left side also includes a cabinet that goes from ceiling to floor plus a regular size wall cabinet. You can also see the free, new-ish dishwasher that we received an installed this week. Talk about making a kitchen more functional!

Here is a wider shot where you can kind of see both sides together. The kitchen is really coming together. You can also see in these pictures that we've starting painting the walls a nice blue color called shale (also used in the hallway and porch).

Now to organize all these cabinets...that's a task I hope to accomplish this weekend!

Next comes the crown molding that will go on top of the cabinets to help them meet the ceiling. Then some details - backsplash, toe kick at the base of cabinets, outlet covers etc etc etc... Pin It

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