June 2, 2011


Well, you probably feel like I've abandoned you this week, huh? Only 1 post and it's already Thursday?! What's happened?

To tell you the truth, I haven't felt much like blogging this week. I don't know why. Maybe the extra long weekend made me lazy. Whatever the reason, I'm sorry if you felt neglected, but it's hard to write when you're not in the mood to write. Know what I mean?

It didn't help that yesterday was probably the most perfect spring/summer day we've had so far this year... Sunny. 75 degrees. Good breeze. Low humidity. Perfect... I was gonna write to you during my lunch break, but I went outside for a walk instead. I stared out my office window at the sunshine all afternoon wishing I could be outdoors. I was even determined to write you after I ate some dinner last night, but I didn't even eat dinner until almost 9pm. Why? Because the outdoors was beckoning me.

I couldn't resist nature's calling. So, I went for a bike ride down by Lake Michigan. I rode around for about an hour and a half. It was heavenly. And you weren't forgotten in the process! I took pictures of the surrounding loveliness while riding my bike (and somehow managed not to get into an accident in the process)! So, I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures of what's on my heart - my favorite feature in Kenosha: the lakefront.

Disclaimer: Again, most of these pictures were taken WHILE riding my bike. Pardon the imperfection and weird angles.

Our current house is located about 1.5 miles from Lake Michigan. In fact, when we were house hunting, I had an intentional goal of moving as close to the lake as possible. I see the lake often. Yet somehow, every time I walk/bike/drive east toward the lake, my stomach gets butterflies at the excitement of seeing the water. It reminds of family vacations we would take the beach when I was a little kid. I couldn't wait to see endless blue....

And speaking of beaches, believe it or not, beaches do exist Wisconsin. They may not have perfect sand and warm ocean waves like beaches in Florida have, but it gives the same feeling. Who doesn't love to feel sand between their toes?!

Kenosha may not do a lot of things right, but they know how to keep and maintain their parks. Every year I look forward to the taking in the sight of the newly planted flowers along the parkways by the lake.

Some of the flowers haven't even bloomed yet...

The bike paths take you along the harbor where people keep their boats for the summer. I love seeing the different boat sizes, colors, sails and the "boat names" people select for them. During the summer evening hours, you often find people having family cookouts and parties on them - like their second home.

Near the harbor, is a playground and set of steps that descend into the water. You often find men fishing here or children feeding the ducks. I love these steps. It's like they're inviting you into the water...

Further along my path, you get really close to some of the rocky areas along the shoreline. This picture was taken facing south. You can see the curving shoreline to the west and vast "sea" to the east. And while the picture didn't pick it up clearly, there are sailboats visible way out in the water.

As you follow the bike path north along the lake, it takes you up some of the canals that come further into the land. Along this particular road is the railway for Kenosha's trolley system that gives free rides around the area.

I don't think I'll ever grow weary of the view of Lake Michigan.

Another reason I love to ride up and down the streets near the lakefront is to look at the many beautiful homes that line these streets. Some are old. Some are new. Some are big. Some are small. There are many different styles, but they all interest me. Here are a few that caught my eye...

I love the columns in front of this house. It makes it feel stately...

This house is so wide I couldn't fit it all in the shot. I always wonder what the floor plan is like in a house this large. How many rooms could it possibly have?

This next house is ginormous! Again too wide to fit in the shot. It's very new and reminds me of a modern castle. I love the yellow car in front.

I love the architecture - the stone, the brick, the trim - on the outside of this last house. There are many similar to it nearby. It needs a little landscape help though... ;)

Well, there you have it...my excuses for my absence. Please bear with me. I'll be bring some house updates to you starting tomorrow! Pin It

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