June 17, 2011

Weekend Plans

Guess what? I think I might FINALLY have a weekend with few enough plans that I can actually get a few projects accomplished around the house and crossed off my to-do list! Whoop whoop for weekends!

See this corner of the kitchen? It needs some paint action to finally be completed. There are little built-in cabinets that need painting inside and out. After that the cabinet door can be put back on the tall, open cabinet. The walls and door that leads to the porch also need paint. I plan to attack this corner this weekend!

AND maybe with Joey's help, the marble tile backsplash in the kitchen will get finished too!

The rest of the tile behind the stove needs to go up. And then the whole thing needs to be grouted, and plate covers attached around light switches and outlets.

There are other odds and of things that need attention too. So, hopefully it will be a productive weekend!

So, tell me, what do YOU have planned for this weekend? Gonna take it easy and get some rest? Or get to work on cleaning, gardening, or projects around the house? Do tell! Pin It

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