June 27, 2011

Fireplace Re-do Inspiration

As of today, we're making plans to begin the next phase of our fireplace makeover. We did phase one back in January (see here, here, and here for those details). Next up comes some painting of the brick, which makes me equally excited and nervous at the same time. Hopefully, we can get crackin' soon. Maybe over this coming weekend?!

Here are 2 makeovers that I'm looking to as inspiration for our makeover:

1. The Lettered Cottage: Layla shows a before and after of her fireplace and explains the process involved in the transformation. I love the mantle and white wood paneling that were added on top of the brick. Plus the combination of the brown, white, and black colors is great.

2. Young House Love: Sherry just began the makeover of the fireplace in the new house. She also showed some before and after pictures of fireplace makeovers in the previous house.

Current Fireplace

Previous Fireplace 1

Previous Fireplace 2

What do you think of painting brick fireplaces? Have you painted one before? Do you think the paint will brighten and modernize the space a bit? Or does it ruin that real-brick feeling for you? Pin It

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