August 17, 2010

Paint Job Gone Wrong: Part 2

Well, I still haven't decided on a paint color for this upstairs hallway. I continue to dislike the color I've started putting on the walls. So, I'm definitely painting it a different color. To help the decision making process, I picked out a few paint colors that I thought might work, and taped the paint swatches to the wall to get a feel for what they look like at different times of day.

I started by taping up the paint swatches of the colors used in surrounding rooms - master bedroom, guest room, bathroom, and downstairs hallway (which will partially connect to the upstairs hallway). Then I taped 4 "white" paint colors that I am considering around the 4 room colors. This way I can also see how the hallway colors might look against all the contrasting colors that will surround it.

The top color is called Cloth. It is a "yellow" white. I like this color because it looks really nice next to all 4 room colors, it will add brightness to the hallway, and it is similar to the color I'm using in the kitchen and therefore, will bring some continuity to the house.

The left side color is called Latte. It is a "tan" white. But not a peachy-tan like the color already on the walls. More of a brown-tan. It also complements the other colors well, and it has more of a contemporary feeling than Cloth.

The third color on the right side is called China White. It is pretty much a "white" white - but still not as bright white as the trim. I've pretty much already ruled this out as being too, well, white.

The final color at the bottom is called bone white. It is also a "tan" white, but I've also ruled this color out as being to similar to the color already on the walls.

So, I guess it comes down to 2 colors - Cloth vs. Latte.

Sorry if it's hard to tell the difference between all the "white" colors... computers aren't the greatest for transposing color. But stay tuned for the final decision. The color will be more obvious when it covers the whole wall. Pin It


  1. good 'ol momAugust 17, 2010

    I like latte---the upstairs is far enough away from the kitchen to warrant its own color, plus, I think it would be easier to decorate on--picture frames, sconces, Christmas stuff, shelves. Just a thought.

  2. Latte :) and yes that other color currently on the walls looks peach...peach should be banned as a color...especially for paint!

  3. Cheryl DarnellAugust 18, 2010

    I vote for Cloth


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