August 6, 2010

What's Your (decorating) Style?

Anyone ever wonder what your "true" decorating style is? Or what style you would like your current decor to resemble? For me, I like so many different deco-styles, it's hard to boil down what "Katie-style" is!

Well, I came across this quick little quiz that helps pin-point your true style, and as it turns out, it was quite accurate for me. It just happens to be on Ethan Allen's website, (Anyone else swoon over E.A.'s furniture? Anyone? Anyone?) and it is great for us visual learners.

There are just 2 Rules:
1. Go with your instincts.
2. Choose fast.

And think about this:
What do you like?
How does it make you feel?
Think about the vibe. Shape. Mood. Inspiration. The overall look.

Click here to check it out and see what you think!

As for my quiz results, the true Katie-style is....

Energetic. Fashion-driven. Practical. Materials borrowed from industry, architecture, and nature. Clean shapes. Punches of color. Spontaneous and fresh. Kids and pets? Bring them on.

The site then goes on to further break down the different varieties of LOFT style, and includes some pictures to help visualize what it's describing. LOFT-style-decorating includes the following options (the majority of which I love)...

1. Marzipan: A bright confection with a fashion edge. Defined by graphic shapes and a playful yet well-edited use of apple green, watermelon pink, and liberal helpings of black. Modern. Feminine. Refreshing.

2. Dusk: Enter serenity. A brilliant mix of modern and soft creates balanced tranquility – a look of elegance energized by nurturing textures, crisp linens, bold patterns, and cool art. In sum, sophisticated simplicity.

3. Serape: Where every seat in the house is the best one. Life is collected. Inspired by nature. Never cluttered – rather perfectly placed.

4. Earth: Warm honey-toned woods set the tone for a life worth living organically. Where nature and nurture coexist in unexpected ways. Modern. Reflective. Earth easy.

5. Hayloft: Modern country. Down-to-earth. But smart and stylish. Practical yet chic. Black and white. Balanced by earth tones. For a rustic space or a city apartment. Fabulous without pretense.

6. West Side: A hip urban style that’s livable, relaxed, and remarkably affordable.

7. Meadow: The modern cottage: a beachside garden vibe that goes with casual living.

So, this break-down definition was actually full of good things that I (would) like to incorporate into my decor. I like that it keeps it eclectic - you can do a lot of different things throughout the home, but still give the same "vibe" everywhere.

What do you think of the quiz? Good description of your style? Or not so helpful? Do tell! Pin It


  1. i love they hayloft style

  2. that was or villa.

  3. Marilyn SjobergAugust 06, 2010

    global, which is interesting since I seldom get to venture out of the county, yet I can dream with the rest of you!

  4. I got Loft too--go figure :) Glamour was my "you may also like" one. I love these quizzes, keep posting them!!!!

  5. I am "Metro". I guess that is okay since I may live in the country, I always wish I was living in the big city. By the way, I LOVE your kitchen cabinets. Where are they from? We hope to have a kitchen remodeling/addition project in our future.

  6. Blythe -
    The kitchen cabinets were purchased from LPI on Hwy 158 in Kenosha. They were a good deal. They have a lot of great economical options. I love them!


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