August 2, 2010

Almost Done (with 1 room)

Warning: The following information is known to cause extreme laziness and many yawns.

Over the past week, we've been giving you some updates on our porch renovation project. And it's exciting to say that this project is about to come to a close (although there's still plenty to be done in the decorating dept. - for that never truly ends, right?).

As of tonight, the painting is 90% complete, save for a few touch-up spots and another coat of white paint on the kitchen door and window trim. The tile floor has been laid and should be grouted tomorrow. Light fixtures have been hung. It's almost ready to be used! FINALLY!

There will be many more pictures to come when the room is a bit more put-together and polished, but I wanted to show you 2 or 3 quick highlights of what the last few days have brought... and share the perspective of our 3rd family member.

Here's a peak of the new wall color next to the gray brick that was shown to you in the last post. The color is "shale", and it's a beautiful blue-gray color. The blue is so nice and soothing - reminding me of the sky, and the gray undertone of this particular blue complements the gray brick so nicely. This exact blue-gray color is also going to be used inside the house (but you'll have to wait to find out where - suspense?!).
Here is a not-so-great picture of the ceiling fan that Joey hung today. It has a brushed nickle finish to coordinate with the gray brick. The fan blades are white, which helps the fixture to blend into the white ceiling and not seem too "heavy" in the room. This light/fan combo is hung on the far side of the room where most of the sitting and eating will take place. There is another light fixture that still needs to be hung on the opposite side of the room to light up the area leading into the kitchen.

And finally, the view from the rocking chair... where a mischievous family member watches (and sleeps) as we do all the work...

I hope to lay around like Spike someday! Pin It


  1. Spike has got the life!!

  2. And that room looks fantastic. What a difference. Love the ceiling fan!

  3. Marilyn SjobergAugust 03, 2010

    Love the color choice on the porch, so refreshing. This the the most used entrance, correct? Can see how it could convert to winter decor as well.

  4. Love all that you have done so far! Spike has definitely settled this his favorite room??


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