August 14, 2010

Paint Job Gone Wrong

So far into this home remodeling project, I've loved every paint color that we've chosen for the different rooms of the house. Until today. We are currently working on painting the upstairs and downstairs hallways and stairwell. The downstairs hall is going to be a different color than the upstairs hall. We're working on the upstairs hall first, and I decided that I wanted a nice light, neutral color. I wanted to keep it a light color so that the hallway area felt bright and airy. I wanted it to be a fairly neutral color because the guest room and bathroom will have a lot of color, and you'll see those colors from the hallway.

So, I picked a color called "Divine White" for the upstairs hallway thinking that it would be an extremely light/white version of the khaki color in our Master Bedroom. Well, the color did not turn out as I was expecting.

Here is a picture of the upstairs hallway with a coat of white primer on it...

And here is the hallway with a partial coat of "divine white" paint...

As you can see, it is sort of a "fleshy" tan color that is nowhere close to "white". I don't know exactly why, but I hate it! It's too peach-y. Or pink-y. Or something. It's just not right.

So what do we do now???

I guess we go back to the store and buy new paint and start over. Ugh.

Wish us well on the second try! Pin It


  1. your home is looking so beautiful katie. Any time you need help painting i'd be glad to help. I understand the frustration with all that work and not loving it.

  2. Cheryl DarnellAugust 14, 2010

    Well, Katie, its not a bad color.... its warm and soothing; comfortable feeling. But if you really dont like it then change it.

  3. It's not awful. But it's not something I can live with either. And it looks worse in person. :)

  4. ...i hate when that happens!

  5. so sorry.....paint can be weird like that!


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