November 18, 2010

Small Space, Big Impact

Many of us have small spaces in our homes that we aren't quite sure what to do with. We often think, "If this space was just a little bigger, I could do..." But what we may not realize is that sometimes our smallest spaces provide us the opportunity to make the most use of the space in the room. And that can have really big impact on the overall look in the room.

For example, I love this small reading space! From Kevin and Layla's home and blog, The Lettered Cottage, the beige and cream horizontal striped walls aren't too overpowering since the room is small. The cozy daybed invites you to come in and relax.

Don't have much space for a bed and nightstands in your guestroom? Think about utilizing the space behind the bed for shelving to store an alarm clock or decorative items. And sconces can be used for bedside lighting.

Don't have space for a dedicated office? Turn your guestroom closet into one! Removing the closet doors keeps the space more open. By adding curtains, you can still close it off if needed.

I love this little living room. Kinda girly and rustic, but very charming and inviting. The white walls keep the room airy, and the pops of color add warmth and interest.

Make the most use of under-the-stair space by creating a functional storage space or coat closet.

Bunk beds or lofts are a great way to save space in a child's room while adding great architecture and design at the same time.

Does this encourage you to make more use of your small spaces?

I can't wait to redo our smallest bedroom located on the first floor of our house. It's at the bottom of list in terms of priority, but I hope to have a ton of fun with it when the time comes! Pin It

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