November 15, 2010

Smile! It's Monday!

Knowing that Monday is such a Blah-day, I thought I'd leave you with a few happy images to brighten your day. Whenever I'm bored or sulky, I just look at beautiful rooms and they make me smile!

1. Great green-ish/yellow-ish kitchen. Unexpected color scheme. Love the rustic wood floor, glass cabinets for that "open shelf" feel, and sleek black counters. Notice how the colors carry into the dining room behind it? Great coordination!

2. Beautiful Hallway! Who wouldn't want built-in storage like that?! I also love the hutch waaaay at the end of the hallway with its contrasting natural wood finish.

3. Child's bedroom (or fun guest-type room). What child wouldn't want to sleep in these beds? Too cute for words! And I'm digging the funky orange color scheme.

4. Finished Laundry Room. Emphasis on the "Finished" part (as mine is currently part of a very un-finished cobweb-y basement). What fun to have painted beadboard cabinets and a coordinating back splash! But that's another project for another day in our house...

5. Living Room. Beautiful. Casually elegant. Charming.

Happy Monday!

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