November 30, 2010

Frame It!

Not sure what to put in all your picture frames this time of year? Want to switch out pictures for different seasons? Well, here is an idea that I fell in love with and will probably try in my own home.

While roaming around PotteryBarn, I noticed the store had displayed on shelves different picture frames that you can purchase for around the house. However, it wasn't the frames that captured my attention but the pictures within the frames. What the store had done was taken some beautiful winter scene pictures and displayed them in the frames. The neutral colors of the winter settings could accommodate any room color. The frame set the tone for how fancy or rustic the scene felt.

The idea was very simple and would be easy to execute if you already have frames around the house to use.

This first shelf displayed 2 pictures that were set in polished silver frames for a fancier look. One frame had a black and white picture of some some winter trees. The other frame had a picture of frosted window panes. Both look so elegant.

The second shelf had 2 pictures displayed in wood frames for a more rustic feel. One had a picture of red berries for a splash of color. The other frame had a scene of rows of trees set in the snow.

This next frame is a box that has pictures on all sides of it. I liked this picture of twigs and red berries covered in snow.

Lastly, here is a sofa table that displayed multiple silver frames with various winter scenes all set in snow. The frames were surrounded by silver pine tree figurines and silver candlesticks. Notice how the frames, trees, and candles all very in height and size - keeps things interesting. A beautiful table setting.

All of the pictures were interesting to look at and showed off how beautiful nature is in the winter. And if you aren't able to take and print pictures yourself, I'm sure there are all kinds of beautiful winter-scene cards/postcards out this time of year that could be displayed in the frames instead.

I've still got to dig some of my frames out of the moving boxes, but this a project I'd like to do soon. The nice thing about winter pictures (as opposed to "Christmas" pictures) is that you can keep them up through January and into February. Then switch out the pictures for spring ones when March/April rolls around.

I'd like to get a collection of winter/spring/summer/fall pictures to swap out in different frames throughout the year. It keeps the house from getting stale with the same ol' pictures all the time.

So, what do you think? Will this idea be easy to replicate? Time will tell... Pin It

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