November 3, 2010

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Over the past few months, as I've been planning and remodeling and decorating our house, I've spent a lot of time looking through magazines and websites trying to get ideas for how to accessorize our house.

As I've been gathering ideas, I realized that one common theme stood out when it came to accessories that I was drawn to... birds! (I know, I know... you think I'm nuts.)

So, allow me to explain. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about.

I recently discovered this website - My Sparrow - that sells some home accessories in addition to jewelry and other items. I started searching through the site, and the first things I oooh'd and ahhh'd over were the bird accessories (go figure given the site name).

Case and point, this bird paper weight. Great for a living room or home office. It can be set on a stack of books, or stack of magazines, or a stack of papers - instantly adding interest and texture with the darkened brass finish.

And here is a second set of bird paper weights on this same website. This silver finish gives a slightly different look than the picture above, and the height of the birds makes a bigger statement in the room. I can see these sitting on a bookcase, or mantel, or end table.

The third item I loved on this same site was a pair of ceramic owl pitchers. (Are owls creepy to you?) Well, I honestly think I like owls because they remind me of the old owl from the children's TV show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. But I digress... there's something about these owl pitchers that I think are really charming and would look great on any breakfast table. No?

What's another favorite website of mine? (Everyone say this in unison) "PotteryBarn". And since I visit this site on a weekly (um, daily) basis, I recognized that many of the accessories I like are also bird-related.

Here is a set of bird candles that hold tea-lights...

...and a ceramic bird that could be set on any shelf, bookcase, or mantel for a decorative touch.

In both cases, the colors are very neutral and could be used in different types of rooms and different seasons.

And in addition to birds themselves, I also like bird-related items, including nests, eggs, trees/twigs etc...

For example, PotteryBarn sells these place-card holders that look like a bird's nest. Great way to dress up a table for a gathering.

And who wouldn't die over the thought of hanging this beautiful PB chandelier in your dining room? It has a twig-like appearance that appeals to me. It would be an eye-catcher for sure.

PotteryBarn even went as far as creating an entire Christmas decorating theme this year called Songbird, which features ornaments, candles, stockings, and accessories revolving around a bird and music theme. I'm in love.

The list goes on and on of bird-items I'm attracted to. But alas, the only items I currently own are 2 pairs of these ceramic salt & pepper shakers from Pier 1 Imports. They look adorable in my kitchen by the way.

So, what do you think? Am I as nutty as I sound? Probably. I blame this fetish on my childhood love of the movie Mary Poppins and my favorite song being "Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)".

Just call me the crazy bird lady!
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