February 28, 2012

New Carpet: A Sneak Peek

While I work on uploading and editing the one million photos I took of our new carpet being installed, I figured I'd at least give you the satisfaction of seeing some of the final results. Then I'll back-track in some future blog posts to look at the purchase and installation process and the final Before and After pics.

Disclaimer 1: I took these pictures within 20 minutes of the carpet guys leaving Monday evening (and post a quick vacuuming session). So, the sun was setting causing a little darkness. Don't judge my poor photography skills.

Disclaimer 2: Wall-to-wall carpet is probably one of the least exciting design elements to show on the world wide web. But trust me, it makes a ginormous difference (in person) to the look and feel of our house. The house went from feeling like "under major renovation" to feeling like "renovation almost completed". I'm in happy land.

So, without further ado, please meet our new carpet in Bedroom #3 (first floor)...

This is literally the cushiest carpet EVER! I want to walk barefoot on it night and day and maybe even go camping on it with my sleeping bag.

Next up - Bedroom #2 (upstairs), which has the same carpet as Bedroom #3. This will be a future nursery/kids room. Since we're in the kid-making process (not to get too detailed here), the room is pretty much a blank slate for now. We did have our guest room furniture in here, but that is moving downstairs to Bedroom #3. Girl vs. Boy will someday determine how this room transforms.

Cushy Carpet = Happy Feet (isn't that a movie?)

Last on the list is the hallway and stairs carpeting. It is different carpet then we used in the bedrooms. This is the carpet that had my stomach in knots for 8 days. I had anxiety dreams about this carpet (no joke). Note to Self: Give your carpet fears over to God! Anyhoo… I finally slept well last night for the first time in 8 days after seeing the results.

Here’s a weird over-the-balcony type shot looking down at the stairs and landing. Ignore the fat, orange cat whose curiosity gets the best of him…

***feel free to oooh and aaaah with me just to make me feel better about my carpet choices - I need reinforcement here***

More to come on carpet, carpet, carpet with some detailed pics (hopefully in better lighting).

What d’ya think?

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