June 10, 2010

Dream On...

Given that my house is in shambles right now, I was dreaming about what I would love for it to look like some day. Or some elements that I would like to use in the house. Many of these may not come for some time, but I can still dream, right?

Gotta love a kitchen with white cabinets, blue glass subway tile, and chrome hardware! (Hmmm... seems vaguely similar to what we will put in our kitch - but not quite as expensive.)

And what about window treatments? Because yes, windows do look either naked or sick without them! I heart bamboo blinds, roman shades, and plantation shudders.
The first 2 being affordable. The last one, not so much.

And I love any room with a cottage or coastal feel! Makes me relax.

Plus, how about nice neutral tones that feel clean and inviting? I love tans/creams/grays like this beautiful foyer done by Sarah Richardson.

Maybe someday soon our house will come together like this. In the meantime, I'll keep on dreamin'...
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  1. I love all of your dream ideas!! They will be Gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your place!!

  2. I heart plantation shutters too...oh my dream home would have them! I'm pretty certain all your ideas are my dream ideas too!!! especially that kitchen...oh my word! beautiful!!! yes hopefully one of these days we'll both get our dreams!!!
    love ya!

  3. Love my white woodwork and white kitchen cabinets!!! They are easy to keep clean and keep the house looking light and bright. Like my "colored walls"----like any artist, I like lots of colors--not electric or Sante FE--guess I'll always be a "jewel-tones" gal. Your kitchen is gonna be beautiful...and we'll figure out a way to make a roman shade....I heart bamboo shades and Plantation shutters...want the latter in my L.Rm.

  4. LOVE it! Can't wait to see your progress next time we're up!


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