June 30, 2010

Movers and Mounters

As many of you know, we officially moved into the house this past Sunday. Moving day went very smoothly and we had much help from friends to lighten the load. As it was about 89 degrees with high humidity, we wanted to make the process as short as possible for all involved. So, we rented a moving van to also make the process faster. Thankfully, we got almost everything moved over on the first trip with just a few things leftover for the second trip. It also helped that we had moved a lot of the little stuff over by car throughout the week.

Here's our friends, Lauren and Dan, helping unload the truck. I got to "direct" where everything should be placed.

After we had moved everything over, Joey decided the first thing that needed to be done was to mount the TV over the fireplace. And since nothing else would get done until that was done, I let him proceed. Our friend, Tim, came over to help with the mounting.

Many holes were placed in the plaster wall to locate the studs that will hold the bracket in place (a stud-finder wouldn't work due to the multiple layers of plaster). Thankfully, these holes will be covered up by the TV.

The TV was mounted ever so carefully onto the bracket...

Joey measured to make sure the TV was perfectly centered...

And then tilted it for the right viewing angle...

End result: Great picture. Perfect for movie watching. And though not my "decor" preference, it's very practical since you can easily view the TV from everywhere in the room, and it doesn't take up floor space we need for seating. Marriage is about give and take, and in this case, I gave Joey the option to put the TV anywhere he wanted. And he took me up on that offer.
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  1. This solves the time old ( I have no idea why) question: Is the TV or fireplace the focal point of the room. My answer? Yes.


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