June 28, 2010

Trash Talk

Saturday was a day for preparing for the big move. Part of the preparation process included getting rid of all the garbage that had accumulated in the garage over the last few weeks. Thankfully, going to the dump is a "man" job, and I was able to happily hand that job over to Joey and my brother, Adam. So, Joey and Adam spent the morning taking loads of garbage to the dump and cleaning out the garage (to make room for the arriving kitchen cabinets). This was one of the dirtiest projects I've seen in a while, but I was ready to say goodbye to the old shag carpet, 3 layers of kitchen linoleum, and junk that was taking up much needed space.

Here is the trailer - 4 cubic feet of space - 2 trips were required to get rid of everything. Special thanks to mom and dad Yonke for letting us borrow the jeep and our friend, Carlo, for letting us borrow the trailer!

Here's a cool "action" shot Adam took of Joey throwing junk into the trailer.

At the dump, a big compacter squished all the garbage together. Goodbye junk!

The Final Load... feels so good to be done! Time for showers!
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