June 25, 2010

Go Green...

...with Paint! Our Living Room and Den are now complete with a nice coat of green paint. I chose the color "Willow Wind" (like a sage green) for both rooms. I love the color green, especially in a "living" space. The walls were previously ivory, and that color just made the room feel unfinished, boring, and dingy. Adding the green paint to the walls made the room feel brighter and accented the wood trim and plaster crown molding so beautifully.

Here's the Living Room/Den before the paint (yawn)

And here are a few pictures of our green and move-in-ready living room and den! Gotta give credit to 2 of our friends, Matt Tinkham and Jan Nye, for all their help with the painting!
Note: color may vary slightly depending on your computer and you can click on individual pics to make them larger :)

You especially notice the green up at the ceiling by the molding.(ignore the shop vac out in the hallway)

Up close picture of the plaster molding by the fireplace

In this pic, I'm standing by the fireplace and looking into the Den off of the Living Room (the den is the very front of the house with windows lining the 3 main walls).

Here are 2 of my favorite features of the room.
#1 - this beautifully stained wood door with beveled glass, which leads into a small foyer area by the front door.

#2 - the built-in bookcase next to the fireplace. Joey and his dad just added an outlet at the back of the bottom shelf for us to plug in our Blu-ray player, receiver, video games etc... And as you can see, I've begun to bring over some baskets and things from our apartment.

The only think left to do (besides all the decorating) is fix up the fireplace. We are going to paint the brick white, replace the floor tile in front of the fireplace, and get a new surround. More to come on this project! Pin It


  1. Tom KinneyJune 25, 2010

    Looks like you're setting up a beautiful home! I'm happy for you. I, on the other hand, am getting quite discouraged with looking for a place. I'm considering shelving this idea for a while.

  2. Kris HoodJune 25, 2010

    looks beautiful. i am so enjoying my "visits" to your house! I love it!

  3. Such great work!Can see signs of it becoming "yours".
    So many nice features, I am feeling a tad jealous. Enjoy!

  4. Katie and Joey, Love the L. Rm.....the crown moulding is beautiful and the color makes it stand our nicely. Can't wait to see your progress after we return from vacation.

  5. New surround on the fireplace? Or..new insert? Looks GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see it in person on Monday!

  6. Heather - I guess insert is what I meant - that brass thing! :)


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