July 27, 2010

1/2 Bath Demo Time!

Yes! We are starting a new project in the midst of working on many other projects! What can I say? I like to multi-task! Plus, there's something about the demo-process that is really enjoyable, really cheap, and really inspiring to me.

So, Saturday night, while Joey's younger brothers, Jared and Jacob, were spending the night, I got ambitious and decided it was time to begin the process of "prepping" the downstairs 1/2 bath for its up-and-coming makeover. Jacob thought this was a fun idea and decided to help me with the process. So, we had fun ripping down the plastic tiles that are glued to the bathroom walls. Jacob mostly worked on popping off the tiles, and I worked on scraping off the glue underneath the tiles. We made pretty good progress for just an hour and half of work.

Here is the 1/2 bath in its buy-it-as-is state. The wallpaper was ripped off on a previous occasion. Check out the awful plastic-y tiles on the walls. UGLY!

The tile-take-off process ended up being much easier then I originally anticipated. Here is Jacob in action as he used a hammer and screw driver to "pop" the tiles off the walls. Note the rubber gloves he wanted to wear for added protection! Safety first!

These are some of the phrases I heard coming out of Jacob's mouth...

"You're going down!"

"I feel like a man!"

In the end, we made a great big mess, but we got a lot done. Jacob stated "I am getting paid, right?" To which we replied "You got paid with a Culver's meal and ice cream!"

Only one small wall left to do around the window.

Once the tiles are down, beadboard is going up! And it's being painted gray. In fact, I found this picture of a bathroom that has a similar concept to what we're trying to accomplish! It has the painted gray beadboard going about 3/4 of the way up the wall - just like we're doing! And we're going to do the same type of trim at the baseboard, chair-rail, and ceiling. I'd like to put a wood floor down, if we can afford it budget-wise, and we'll probably install a pedestal sink (although I do like this vessel sink that mimics an old wash-basin look). Too bad we don't have room for those great built-in shelves...

So, stay tuned as there is more to come on this project!

*Edit: Inspiration photo is from Kara Payslay's house. See her blog, house, and designs HERE. Pin It

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