July 19, 2010

Fabulous Finds...

Sorry to disappoint you, but since Joey was out of town all weekend, not much got done on the home front (other than some more unpacking/putting-away/organizing). So, I don't have much to share today in terms of house projects or improvements.

However, I did have a great time shopping with my friend, Chelsea, on Saturday evening at some of my favorite stores - PotteryBarn (PB), Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma (W-S) - and although I could have spent thousands of dollars on the glorious goods that we oooh'd and ahhh'd over, I limited myself to a few little fabulous finds...

Find #1: PB Chancellor Napkin Holder
Price: $24.00
What's so exciting about napkin holder, you ask? Well, I currently have a napkin holder that "stands" the napkins upright in it for a supposedly easy-to-grab-a-napkin effect... I HATE this napkin holder. Why? As soon as you go to grab 1 napkin from it, all the other napkins pull out with it. Also, if the napkin holder is not completely full at all times, the napkins start to sag in holder, causing them to become wavey/wrinkled, which looks awful. Hence, it was love at first sight with this new napkin holder. It is the only item I bought that was not on sale (and I rarely fork out dough for full-priced items). This hand-polished gleaming napkin holder lays the napkins flat in it and comes with a weighted, decorative key to hold the napkins in place (great for outdoor dining)... so charming for the center of the table.

Find #2: PB Scattered Shell Placemats
Original Price: $8.00 per placemat
Sale Price: $4.79 per placemat
These will go great with the different colors I'm using in both the Dining Room and the table on the back porch. I only bought 2 though because I'm going to use them for the center of the table rather than as actual placemats. I can set a candle or other centerpiece on top of them for a pretty table-scape. The watercolor shells, sand dollars and red coral were hand painted by one of PB's in-house designers - each placemat has a slightly different pattern.

Find #3: Flowered PlaceMats
Original Price: $8.00 per placemat
Sale Price: $4.79 per placemat

I bought 4 of these specifically for use on the porch table in the summer - where my love of all things blue and yellow can come to life.

Find # 4: PB Double Wall Hurricane
Original Price: $49.50
Sale Price: $19.50
I bought this beautiful glass hurricane for its versatility. I can surround a candle with different objects, depending on the season - sand and shells, potpourri, botanicals, ornaments etc....

Find #5: W-S Dish Towels
Original Price: $18 for set of 4
Sale Price: $12.99
Good dish towels are a hard find, but I've heard great things about W-S dish towels, particularly for drying wet dishes, and once I touched the towels for myself, I was sold. They will be great for all sorts of tasks – from mopping up spills to drying pots and pans. The cotton towels are woven in a thick, absorbent twill weave. Can't wait to use 'em!

And here is my favorite item on the much-wanted-but-didn't-buy list - PotteryBarn's Sienna Paisley Duvet Cover and Shams...

Well, now you've seen a list of my newest treasures. Anything you've bought recently that you love and couldn't live without? Do tell! Pin It


  1. Love your finds.....notice that the paisley shams are leaning against the seagrass headboard we purchased for the downstairs bedroom....possibly buying similar fabric in blues for my kitchen.

  2. Love the things your found! The bedding is on my list too!


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