July 8, 2010

Got the Blues

We're back with another paint reveal. We just finished painting the upstairs guest bedroom, and once again, I'm in love with the results. Can I just say that I LOVE PAINT! It is by far the most transforming (and cheapest) design product available. It took another room in this old house from boring and out of date to a young and tranquil space. Plus it matches the decor I already had for that bedroom perfectly. And it's the kind of color that allows you to change out complimentary colors and accessories down the road if needed (like for a nursery some day).

Here are a few of the blah before pictures. This first one was taken during our first tour of the house. Hence, our real estate agent is in the pic and the old owner's stuff is everywhere.

We started changing the space by ripping out the carpeting to reveal hardwood floors underneath, removing the shelving hung on the back wall, and stripping the flowered wallpaper border...leaving a blank slate. (sorry, it's kind of a dark picture)

The trim got a fresh coat of white paint a few weeks ago. And now that the walls have been painted, here is the end paint result...

And yes, there are 4 doors in this room - 1 on each wall... In the first pic, you can see a side door that goes into an unfinished storage area and then a door (with the glass) on the back wall that goes to a would-be roof deck that doesn't exist yet (but you can walk on the flat rubber roof-it's the roof of the back porch). In the second pic, you can view the entry door and closet door.

The name of the paint color used is Seafoam...doesn't it sound spa-like and relaxing? So soothing! It's kind of an in between blue-green color that leans more towards the blues than the greens.

This color also coordinates with our upstairs bathroom - matching the lighter blue stripe in our shower curtain and lighter blue stripe in the guest towels perfectly (which is where you can really tell it's not "green").

Next we finally get to bring in the furniture and accessories that are sitting in the downstairs bedroom. Maybe we'll tackle that tonight! Pin It


  1. I love it Katie! It's something I would have picked out as well! Very calming and soothing! It's very "New England" or "Cape Cod" like...adore it!!!

  2. Cheryl DarnellJuly 08, 2010


  3. LOVE the color on the walls-it's gorgeous. When it's our turn, I'm gonna make you help me. You have no choice. :)

  4. Blue, blue, blue, blue...LOVE blue!!!! It and green are 2 of my favorite decorating colors...so peaceful and relaxing. :-> Looks GREAT!


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