July 20, 2010

Raise The Roof

While talking about the roof isn't my favorite thing in the world, we are eventually (like in the next 10 years) going to need a complete roof redo - including tearing off 3 layers of shingles to lay down a nice new layer and hopefully not uncover any other must-fix-this problems along the way.

So, although that project is (hopefully) years away, and the roof topic itself may not be my cup o' tea, I do love taking random quizzes! What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Well, today I came across this little personality quiz that will help match your house and your personality and come up with a custom roof color for you!

Here are a few examples of the questions I answered...

Question 1: You've got 2 weeks of vacation and a big bonus check. Where are you headed?

Visiting family/friends is almost always my first choice for a vacation!

Question 2: How would you like your friends to describe you?

Notice the question asked "how would you like..." and not "how would they..." - gotta keep people in dream world and not reality.

Question 4: Sort these crayons from most favorite to least favorite.

Of course, Yellow and Blue go first!

Question 6: If you could splurge on one thing, what would it be?

Being first-time-homeowners means needing lots of new furniture. The hand-me-downs don't cut it anymore!

After answering the 9 questions, I got my results. And the best-roof-color-for-me quiz results are (drum roll please)...

My first thought: Huh? They make purple and brown roofs?

But here's the breakdown for some clarification...

Purple says:
Purple is a combination of opposites—a blend of the excitement of red with the serenity of blue. So there is a creative tension that will always draw a second look. The bluer purples are more sedate and contemplative, the redder purples are high energy, while the deeper aubergine shades speak of a certain elegance. Purple announces that there are very creative or artistic people that dwell within. Unique, cutting-edge, intriguing, unusual, even a bit mystical are words to describe the reactions that might come from using purple on the exterior. This is an unexpected and unconventional choice that will definitely draw attention and interest.

Brown says:
The color of earth itself, brown is the shade that is most connected to substance, stability and a real sense of worth. There is a steady, wholesome, no-nonsense, organic quality that expresses comfort, harmony and a steadfast connection to quality. Brown is authentic and real, developing a sense of “belonging.” But it is not all about rustic and country—just like the earth from which it comes there is a richness connected to brown as well. Think coffee and chocolate browns, variations on a theme that brings a new perspective to the potential of brown as literally being in “good taste”.

Combine Purple and Brown and you get Summer Harvest!

So, what do you think? Are purple and brown accurate descriptions of me (and my roof style)? Or way off?

Take the quiz yourself to find out how spot on it is! Pin It


  1. took the quiz too.....got purple and brown though my answers were not exactly the same as yours and the purple/brown comments were slightlly different.

  2. Kris HoodJuly 20, 2010

    i just roofed my house last fall with the help of a crew of guys from church - my shingles are brown! :) Actually, THEY did the roofing, I bought the shingles. Don't want to mislead you! They were amazing. All in one day, and they tore off my old shingles and did vents, etc. AND my garage roof.

  3. I got brown first then purple, which is funny since purple was the last color i put in the crayon box...I'm thinking no matter what you're getting those colors! My roof colors were different though...I like the color of the roof they chose for you though!

  4. Joey took the quiz and got Red and Brown. The descriptors fit him perfectly!

  5. My roof color: Yellow, Grey.

  6. If Joey got red and brown, and you got purple and brown...then what is the mix of red, purple, and brown to get the perfect roof for BOTH of your personalities?...Also, what were Spike's answers to the quiz? Hee, hee =^..^=

  7. I have the summer harvest roof and I absolutely love it....I am however having a hard time deciding which color paint to use for the outside of home. I have a mostly white house w a blue addition on front. I actually was considering a purple brown so this blog of urs confirmed that choice for Me thanks

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