July 30, 2010

Porch Project: Part 3

May I just say that I LOVE GRAY?!

It's that simple.


The Beginning...

The Middle...

The (almost) End...

Joey's working on painting the door, window, and trim a nice, crisp white...

There's nothing like gray brick. I could paint my whole house gray (if Joey would let me)...

The porch walls are next! Wait until you see what color we chose for these! Any guesses? Pin It


  1. I love the color gray too and so funny....right before I looked at your blog, I told Jim I have decided on Gray for our bedroom. I'm keeping my red bedspread and red bedside lamps and I think the creamy yellow headboard Joey made for me will look perfect. What do you think?

  2. I love it Katie!

  3. Am I to assume that the whole house is being painted the same color..or just the porch exterior walls? It would be interesting to see the whole house change to those lovely classic colors...but, painting brick is always controversial to neighbors. (Although, it isn't their house so, whatever.) What are the accent colors on the porch going to be? Towards the nautical, modern, or something else? I love it so far!

  4. We're not painting the entire exterior of the house at this time. Joey is very against it at this point. We'll see how we feel about it a couple years from now. Too many other projects to think about in the meantime anyway. I'll have more updates soon as to what some of the other colors will be. :)


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