December 2, 2010

O Christmas Tree (part 1)

Well, we got our Christmas tree for 2010. It's a real tree (I vow to use real trees as long as my life will allow me to). It's a pretty tree. Just the right height, the right width, the right shape.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's home in Michigan and arrived back home in Kenosha on Sunday afternoon. We dumped our bags inside the door and immediately drove off to a little Christmas tree farm to pick out "the tree".

The process didn't take long. Once we arrived, we headed straight for the Frasier Fir section (we always get this kind of pine tree). We couldn't do more than 8 feet. And we found this sap leaning on its side...

I had a little trouble visualizing it's real shape with the way she was leanin'. So, Joey stood her up for me...

I examined the tree thoroughly. Even shape. Full, sturdy branches. No gaps. Joey convinced me it was the right height. Looked good. Let's take it.

The workers gave us a fresh cut off the bottom of the trunk and trimmed the lower branches and strapped it on top of the car.

We got home and Joey dug the Christmas tree stand out of a dusty box. A tall, white, plastic bag was put around the stand and tucked in tight (it will be covered by the tree skirt and will later be used to wrap up the old tree and hull it out of the house so needles don't get everywhere).

We decided to put the tree in the front den where it will be surrounded by windows - viewable from both streets on our corner - and still visible from our living room.

Joey got the tree all situated in the swivel stand - nice and level...

...and got the lights wrapped 'round it. Always white lights. They twinkle nicely.

Last thing Joey did was situate the star on the very top of the tree...

I love my star tree topper. I know some like to top their trees with an angel, but I'm a star girl!

This particular star has a bronze finish, which matches the other rubbed bronze finishes I use in my living room (like our lamps). I love that it's an eight-pointed star. It's unique. I love the light pattern it gives off - even the ceiling above it looks great when it's glowing.

So, what's next you ask? Well, now it's my turn! I take over from here to conquer the decorating!

More on that this weekend! Pin It

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