January 18, 2011

DIY: Fireplace Re-Design - Phase II (part 2)

I have a quick update on our fireplace project that I wanted to share with you. The last fireplace post left you with the new tile placed down on the ground, but no grout applied...

...but over the weekend, Joey grouted the tile with a clean, white grout! It looks neat and polished.

We decided to keep the grout lines very small (I'm not a huge fan of large grout lines) by putting the tile as close together as possible. It gives the small space a uniform look and keeps me from freaking out over dirty-white grout lines down the road.

Since the stone is tumbled, it has kind of rough edges, which means the grout lines aren't perfectly straight. But that's ok with me. It adds some character and is hardly noticeable unless you look really closely...

Now for a bump in the road. (I guess not all projects are meant to go smoothly.)

Apparently, the old tile that had been on the floor for 80+ years was not as tall (thick?) as this new tile. So, prior to putting down the new tile, we (ahem, Joey) didn't think about whether or not the new tile would be level with the hardwood floor like the old tile was. But after the new tile was in place, I took immediate notice to the fact that the sides stuck up above the hardwood floor...

... you can even view the grooves on the under-side of the tile. Not a good look.


We're going to figure out some way to add trim all the way around the edges, including all the way back by the brick, for a complete and finished look.

Now for some Good News/Bad News...

The Bad News is that Joey made an executive decision that we should probably finish the fireplace project (including the aforementioned trim) in the spring. Since I want to paint the brick (which requires a really stinky oil-based type paint), it would probably be best to do it at a time when we can open windows for ventilation. PLUS, we won't be wanting to use the fireplace by that time anyway which will make it more convenient for us.

Hence, the old brass fireplace screen has been screwed back in place (as seen in the pictures above) so that we can use the fireplace through the rest of the winter season.

But at least we've made progress!!!

And the Good News is that this means we get to move on to other projects on our 2011 To-Do list!

I can't wait to decide what to tackle next!

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