April 4, 2011

Master Bedroom Curtains: Final Results

I'm so excited to show you the results after a weekend of hard labor around the home front. My mom and dad were in town and offered to help with various around-the-house projects. Today I'm going to share with you the beautiful curtains that my mom made for our Master Bedroom.

If you remember from last week, I picked out fabric for a custom curtain project. I originally planned to use Sherry's DIY no-sew plan for making the curtains (as seen here), but after mom offered to sew them for me - including adding a white lining to the back of them for additional light/heat/cold blockage - I couldn't refuse the offer. Mom worked on the project most of Friday, while I was at work, and with a little help from me (very little), she finished it up on Saturday.

If you want to go back and see the details of picking out the fabric, click here and here. Otherwise, let's get down to the results, shall we?

Here are the new beautiful curtain panels that flank the sides of our large Master Bedroom windows...

I think they're beautiful. Even Joey mentioned that he likes this fabric so much compared to what I was contemplating using.

I'll add the disclaimer that the fabric color is a rather soft, pumpkin-y color of orange. I know computer screens can alter color to appear different, but trust me that it is not a bright crayon orange. It's very warm, soft, and easy on the eyes. And the "white" in the pattern is a bit more of a cream color. So, it all blends nicely.

I want to give a big thanks to my mama who did much pinning, sewing, and ironing to put these together. She's always so helpful.

And with Joey's help, we put the curtain rod hardware up Friday night in order to measure the final length of the curtain fabric and sew the bottom hem. The rod came with 3 pieces of hardware that look like this...

...and Joey screwed one into the wall at the very center of the window and added the other 2 to the walls just outside the window frame. I purchased the rod at Lowe's for about $40. It's extra long (extends up to 144 inches) since we have 3 side-by-side windows to cover. Lowe's offered a great variety of finials for the end of the rod, but I chose the glass ball. I like that it was simple and you could see the wall color through it.

I must admit that I really like the color scheme. It's so warm and inviting. The chocolate brown matchstick shades add more color and texture and I'm planning to incorporate a little more chocoloate brown in the room. I have a little green lampshade next to the left curtain panel, and the green and orange combo seem to work really well together.

If you take a step back, you can see the bigger picture (ignore the ugly ceiling fan). I hung the curtain rod right at the ceiling (it's recommended to go 6 inches above the window frame if possible), and the curtain fabric length stops just above the floor. By hanging the curtains "high and wide", it makes the window seem even larger, and it becomes a bigger focal point in the room.

In addition to the curtains, my mom was able to make 3 pillows for the bed with the extra fabric I purchased.

I like that all 3 pillows are slightly different - the solid green is a basic square with no extra detail, the solid orange has a little flap around the edge, and then there's the striped pillow, which I was super impressed by - great pop of color against the neutral bedding and white headboard.

The pillows coordinate so well with the curtains. I still want to get new bedding down the road, but at least what we currently own is very neutral and works fine with the new color scheme.

So, here is the final Before & After pic of the windows. It's just amazing what window treatments will do for a room! Everything is starting to come together now.

What's next for the bedroom? Probably some artwork ... involving this furry creature...

...Spike does fit the new color scheme after all. What luck!

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