April 26, 2011

The May Issue

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?

No, it wasn't a lottery check telling me I can quit my job for life.

It was glossy. And inspiring. And FREE.

You may have guessed it...it was the latest issue PotteryBarn's catalog (May 2011). I squealed like always. Joey rolled his eyes (I think).

This catalog was chalk full of all kinds of summery and beachy items that I loved. And wanted. And most I couldn't afford. But I dream the dream that one day my house will look like the rooms in the catalog.

Even though I love everything PB has to offer, I tend to pay most attention to the smaller items and the accessories because those are usually most affordable. So, here are a few items that caught my eye...

1. Blue Shell Salad Plates - set of 4 ($40)

I did mention to you my LOVE of dishes, right?

2. Seashell Debossed Dinner Plates - set of 4 ($64)

I'll mention it again...I love dishes...

3. Scallop Bowl - set of 4 ($58)

And just a few more dishes to finish it off...

4. Art, Art, and more Art - including Coral Panels ($59-$99), Ceramic Sea Life Tiles ($34), Ivory Porthole Frames ($29-$39), and Framed Sea Urchins($139)...

I think I could DIY some of this art for much, much cheaper!

5. Porthole Metal Lanterns (SALE $18.00)

Love these. You could set them on a table/shelf or hang them up!

6. Raleigh Camelback Bed & Headboard with Nailhead Trim ($599-$1399)

This is actually not a bad price for a headboard. And it comes in a variety of sizes and fabric options. I love the shape and especially the nailhead trim.

7. Woven Wicker Tapered Drum Lamp Shade ($39-$59)

The textured weave of this natural wicker shade adds a warmth to lamplight. I just love the texture.

This only touches the surface of the wonderful new items offered. Check PB's website for more! Pin It

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