August 16, 2011

Fireplace Painted: The Results!

We did it! Well, I did it (mostly). I went with my gut instinct and painted the orangy-brown brick of our living room fireplace, and I AM IN LOVE with the results.

The whole fireplace looks brighter and cleaner and newer.

The details of the wood mantel and ORB (oil-rubbed-bronze) flue opener stand out now.

I love looking at it from every angle. Even with the big TV hanging above it, I still find myself staring at the fireplace. That's a good sign.

And all the other "whites" in the room - like the lampshades, decor on the bookcase, and crown molding - blend together as one statement.

And since there's nothing like a good Before and After shot, I'll indulge you...

Details about the painting process and color choice to come!

And tell me, what do you think? Was white the right choice? Share, share! Pin It

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