August 31, 2011

Texture, Organization, and a Reminder

Thought I'd share with you a few new additions to my Pinterest Boards. I keep coming back and looking at them because I love them so much.

1. I'm assuming this first photo is a shot of an entryway or mudroom in the house. But what captures my eye is the chevron-patterned boards on the wall. In fact, it hypnotizes me. It's rustic and gorgeous. Give me chevrons. Give me boards. I heart.

2. This hallway is all about simplicity meets texture. From the wainscoting on the lower 2/3 of the walls to the grass-cloth wallpaper on the upper walls to the hardwood floors with the carpet runner in the center, you can't get much more texture than that! Yet the color scheme is neutral and not much decor is even needed to make it beautiful. The wall sconces and pendant light add warm charm. I also love the archways. It's all so interesting.

3. This next image was an instant re-pin item for many people. If I someday have a large laundry room, it will include an island for folding laundry and 1 laundry basket per family member! The picture below shows a clever way to store them all.

4. I LOVE this outfit. I love ruffles. I love orange and brown. I love trouser jeans. I want that purse. Pinterest has definitely helped me think about clothing in terms of whole outfits rather than just individual pieces. And yet every item below could be versatile and used with something else.

5. This quote below is an oldie (when it comes to my boards), but a goodie. I seriously need to print this quote, frame it, and hang it on the wall where I can read it every day.

Happy Pinning! Pin It

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