August 22, 2011

"Up" : The Real-Life House

Anyone else seen the adorable Disney-Pixar movie, "Up"?

I love this movie. It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. It's a heart-warming story that I highly recommend if you haven't seen it.

One of the other things I love in the movie is the house that the main character, Carl, and his wife, Ellie, own. I'll not deny that the house/primary-residence-of-characters tends to preoccupy my eyes while watching movies, and animated movies are no different. The house in Up is just too cute for words, but apparently it's not too cute to duplicate.

That's right, someone built a real-life version of the Up house - making sure every detail was duplicated as best possible down to the the names painted on the mailbox.

A little ridiculous? Perhaps. Totally interesting? Absolutely!

In fact, the owner even greets tourist in character wearing the same outfit Carl Fredricksen wears during the movie.

Here are a few shots showing the interior of the house, including foyer, living room, and kitchen.

Wanna see more?

For additional interior pictures of the house, check out the Hooked On Houses blog HERE.

To read a news article covering this story (from the Salt Lake Tribune), click HERE.

Or check out this short YouTube video showing the opening of the house...

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