August 4, 2011

Trip to The Paris Market

While visiting my sister's family in Georgia last week, they took me to the quaint town of Savannah - not far from Hilton Head Island. It was smokin' hot (both the temperature and the town), and so much fun. We strolled through the park areas and brick pathways and came to a little store called The Paris Market.

I walked into the store and fell in love. The first floor was full of odds and ends of things, including a hutch storing all kinds of beach goods. I heart shells and sand dollars and sea stars etc...

Also on the first floor was a children's section full of vintage toys. I especially liked this little wooden wagon filled with lettered blocks. The lettered side had a pretty pattern and other sides of the blocks had pictures that started with the letter. Too cute.

I adored this sign that would be perfect for any family room/play room/bedroom. Perfect for families with kids.

After browsing the first floor, we made our way down to the lower level, and let me tell you, this is where the goods were stored. There was a lot of (expensive) furniture and home decor items. Some of it newer, most of it antique, all of it I wanted. And we walked around on a charming old brick floor.

I really wanted the coffee table pictured above. It's hard to tell in the pic, but the top is made of rustic wood planks and then it has an iron frame. I love that combo. I also love the chairs pictured above and below. The shape is sleek and with the neutral fabric, the chairs could be used in any room.

I loved all of the sepia-toned and black-and-white prints that were being sold. Too bad they were way out of my price league.

The basket below was one of my favorite items and one of the most affordable. It looks like a woven material but it's actually wire. The handle is situated so that you can hang the basket on a wall. I would have bought 2 if I could have found a way to fit them in my suitcase.

The store had a ton of kitchen items I loved too. From seeded glass to pretty pitchers, all the antiques were beautiful and in mint condish!

Below you can see a nice dedicated section to many items that were bird-related. It made me grin.

One of the last items my sister and I particularly loved was this gray hutch with tin door panels on the bottom. It was beautiful in person.

Alas, as most of these items cost a pretty penny, we walked out of the store empty-handed. But we had fun, and it doesn't cost anything to look! Pin It

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