January 4, 2011

The 2011 "To Do" List

Who doesn't start the New Year thinking about what their "New Years Resolution" is going to be? I know most do. But when I hear the words "New Years Resolution", my mind goes to a list of bad habits I want to break or things I plan to "change" in my life - knowing that I probably won't get around to actually changing any of them. So, my gut is to not create any resolutions. Then I won't be disappointed, right?

Then I began thinking, what is a "resolution" anyway? Here's where Mr. Dictionary helped me out. According to dictionary.com, a resolution is basically a determination to make the decision to do something.

Hmmm... well, I do plan to do something this year! In fact, Joey and I both have a lot of plans for tasks we hope to accomplish around the house in 2011. So, I guess I do have some resolutions after all! Just not in the way I normally think of it.

And I will admit that I love making "to do" lists - checking items off one by one gives me satisfaction knowing I've accomplished something. Even if I don't get through the entire list, getting even one item done is better than nothing (pardon the optimist in me)!

As much work as Joey and I have put into revamping the Yonke villa in 2010, there is still soooo much left to do. So, as I promised at the end of this post, here is short list highlighting a few (ok, many) of the renovating/decorating projects that are on our to do list for 2011 (in no particular order)...

1. Living Room Fireplace
This is getting a major makeover. It needs a good cleaning. Then the brick, tile floor, and brass surround are getting a change up. It's toward the top of our list of items to tackle!

2. Floors, Floors, Floors
I apologize to those who love the old school terracotta tile, but it's gotta go. It's in 2 different entryways of the house and it's starting to get crumbly. Plus it just doesn't go with the new color scheme. Buh-bye.

After ripping the '70's brown shag carpeting off the stairs and hallways, we decided new carpeting is the way to go. It will be one of the only areas in the whole house to have carpet. It will quiet the sound of people going up and down the stairs and act as a nice breaker-upper to the wood and tile floors around it.As you can see, the paint job of the hand railings, spindles, and sides of the treads needs to be finished too...

3. Laundry Room
Currently, there is no laundry "room". But hopefully this basement will have its first official room by the end of 2011!

4. Painting
Oh there is STILL so much painting to do. Kitchen. Entry way. Hallway/Stairway. Ceilings. The list goes on and on...

5. And More Painting
I even plan to paint some furniture this year! We'll see how that experience goes...

6. Home Office
What is currently a 3rd bedroom being used as a storage room will become our home office/craft room. This whole thing needs a major makeover. But it's on the bottom of the priority list.

7. New Light Fixtures
...in almost every room. Yuck.

8. Bathroom Renovations
Two are needed - the 1/2 bath on the main floor and the full bath upstairs. We got through most of the demolition, but now they need to be put back together. The 1/2 bath is the higher priority and will be faster/easier/cheaper to do.

On top of all this, just about all 28 windows in this house need curtains or some type of window treatment. Walls need art/pictures/shelves etc. The yard needs major landscaping work. I could go on and on.

Hopefully, we can end the year by crossing many of these items off the to do list!

Wish us luck! And check back to see the results! Pin It

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