January 3, 2011

Screwdrivers and Baskets

Remember these baskets I got for Christmas???

And this tool kit Joey got me right after Christmas???

Well, I started putting both to use the other day!

I brought the baskets into our Master Bedroom to see if there might be a spot to use either one of them in that room...

...and I concluded that my nightstand needed help. Joey built our nightstands, and I love the look of them. But with the bottom part being open, I haven't been exactly sure what do with the space. I had some random items - books, magazines, tissues etc - set in there since I like having them by my bed space. But lets be honest, it looks kind of messy.

And if you haven't guessed already, mess ain't my thing.

So, I began by removing all the items for a clean space...

...only to discover two things. First, the space wasn't that clean - it was kind of dusty/dirty way back there. Second, there was actually a screw popping out of the back corner where Joey had screwed the leg into the base.

Here's where my pink tool kit entered the picture! I used one of the mini, pink screwdrivers from the kit to screw it back together - it went down easy. And then I gave the space I nice cleaning.

Next, I put one of the baskets - the milk crate basket - into the stand. Perfect fit!

Then I was able to load the basket with the bedside items I use regularly, and it hid it all perfectly - with room to spare!

Nice improvement, eh?

I might just need to make a quick run to Target to buy a second basket just like it for Joey's nightstand!

And now to find use for the other basket. Hmmmm... Pin It

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