January 17, 2011

Free Purchases!

Free Purchases... Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well, it's not! I received several gift cards for Christmas and put some of them to use this weekend by purchasing a couple items for our home. So, the actual cost was (mostly) free for me!

Let me give you a quick run-down of the goods...

Item #1: Punched Ceramic Lantern - White
This captured my attention the moment I laid eyes on it. The lantern was also being sold in a bright green, which I considered getting, but I decided white would be most versatile as the lantern could be used in a variety of rooms. I will probably start by using it on the built-in bookcase in our living room. I plan to put a votive candle in it for a pretty glow.

Purchase Location: Pottery Barn

Cost: $39.99
Kinda pricey, but it was new on the shelves for spring - therefore, not on sale. I couldn't resist. It's so pretty. And my PB gift cards helped lower the cost significantly.

Item #2: Decorative Birds Nest
This item was left over from Christmas and on sale at 75% off. I just knew I could find a little home for it. It will be great for Spring decorating.

Purchase Location: Pottery Barn

Cost: On sale for $3.97

Item #3: White Milk-Glass Soap Pump
I thought this was beautiful. I'm going to use it in my kitchen by the sink.

Purchase Location: Target

Cost: On sale for $12.99 (but technically free thanks to a Target gift card)

Item #3: Large Milk Crate Basket

Purchase Location: Target

Cost: $17.99 (also free to me thanks to that Target gift card)

I'm going to use the basket to corral my husband's nightstand stuff...

...and make it look pretty to match my nightstand.

I can't wait to put my new items to good use!

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