February 15, 2011

1/2 Bath: I Adore It!

This weekend, I worked on finishing up some of the painting in the 1/2 bath we've been remodeling (click HERE for the transformation details). One of the finishing details I've been dying to work on is the bathroom door.

I starting scheming up some ideas for the door when we first began this process a few weeks ago without completely deciding if I just wanted to paint it white like most of the other doors in the house, or if I wanted to mix it up and do something a little different.

Well, I chose the latter and whipped up a little paint job for this door to make her stand out against the white bead board we used on the walls.

So, for starters, here's a picture of the door in a just-plain-white finish. It looks simple, clean, pretty. But also a little boring. It just blends in with the walls way too much for my liking. But I took quick notice to the molding that frames the rectangle door. Do you see those little grooves all the way around it? I just knew those were the key to what I wanted to do.

To start, I decided I would paint the inside panel of the door the same gray as the walls. So, I busted out the painters tape and taped very carefully around the edges - making sure it was nice and straight. Then sloshed some gray paint all over the inside.

It actually took 2 coats to complete - I did the 2 coats of paint only about an hour or so apart. I immediately removed the tape as soon as the 2nd coat of paint was applied (I try to remove tape before the last coat dries to avoid peeling paint issues). Doesn't she look pretty with that nice gray interior?

Then I decided to take it one step farther and paint the space in between the little, white inside frame and the wide outside frame of the door. This required 2 rounds of tape - 1 for each side.

Then I painted the in between space - 2 coats again - and immediately removed the tape. And ta-da! I got a nice crisp white frame inside the gray space. Lovely detail, no? I feel like the door makes a statement now. It stands out so nicely from the mostly-white walls next to it.

Here is a picture of the door in daylight hours - you can see the white appears brighter and the gray appears darker under the natural lighting. Still beautiful!

I bought this hook at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2.97. I plan to hang it smack in the middle of the door. It will give the ladies a place to hang purses coats etc. Or guests spending the night can put their robe or whatever on it. Of course the "Y" stands for "Yonke".

So, what do you think of the transformation? Isn't it A-DOOR-ABLE! Ha! Enough with the puns... I love it! Details make all the difference!

Now if only I could only get the cutting in around the crown molding to look just as nice and crisp... Still working on that one. Decor to follow. Pin It

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